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The Ultimate Crypto Directory

Welcome to Bitpr0, your Ultimate Source to the Cryptosphere.
We are a team of 3 who constantly check current and list new crypto related sites & projects. Updates will be pushed on a daily basis. All sites have different sign up bonuses, where you will be able to make profit right away with coupon codes or our exclusively closed deals with them. We also check every site for their uptime & reputation in crypto related forums. Automatic ping will be send daily to all listed sites to make sure we only list active sites. Please make sure to make your own opinion about each site before you consider depositing since we cannot guruantee any trust from our side. Please let us know if you found out about something not going the right way by reporting it at the bottom of the page.

Crypto Live Ticker

Prices & News will be updated live every 3 seconds. All prices are calculated from the 30 most active trading sites. We do not offer any api services currently. New coins will be added as soon as they drop at trading sites. No flaws, we list every coin, not just selected ones. News are taken from the most 5 popular crypto news outlets. All news are directed to other outlets, we do not write them ourselfs.

Crypto Sites List

We see it as one of our task to list all crypto sites in our big list. All crypto sites are tested by ourself and have a somewhat trustable reputation. Please don't take this as a 100% guarantee that all sites are trusted. Be careful when using the sites we listed and as always, make sure you use the right address to deposit and withdraw. This list contains over 400+ crypto websites. We make sure to give you the best sign up offers & bonus deals from each of the sites we added to our directory. We are always up to date and serve you the newest and best products of crypto websites in 2023.

Affiliate Disclosure

We are a team of Professionals who inspect, test, review & may receive compensation from the companies whose websites we list. None of the above listed sites are under our control, nor are we selling or advising to buy a product from any site. Even though we try to test all sites and their functions we cannot guarantee that there is no risk to these sites listed above. You should always keep your cryptos in your very own adress. Not your keys, not your coins. Remember that!